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Communication Connection

To improve your child’s communication skills, first, determine what level of communication he or she is currently using.

Communication skills are crucial for the development of children with autism. They aid in the areas of behavior, learning, and socialization. However, it may appear that you have no idea what type of communication system would be best for your nonverbal or partially verbal child, or that you are unable to access an SLP (Speech & Language Pathologist).

Children with autism have a variety of communication skills and talents. Some children have excellent communication skills, while others have difficulty connecting and communicating with others. Furthermore, some children struggle with language development, have difficulty understanding or using spoken language, or have no language at all.

Hence, children with ASD require help in learning and practicing communication skills with others. CASE works closely with families and educators in the Caribbean to assist children with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) reach their full potential through education, training, and advocacy for accessible, first-rate services. Our active participation focuses on school-aged children by providing educators throughout the Caribbean with evidence-based training on strategies for educating students with autism.