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Working Hand In Hand For Autism

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Our Mission

CASE is committed to devising solutions for the varying requirements of children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder or ASD and their immediate families.

We accomplish this through support and advocacy, improving public awareness about the disorder, and increasing the social acceptance of children with ASD. Our active engagement is targeted towards school aged children by providing evidenced based training on strategies for teaching students with autism for educators throughout the Caribbean.

Through mutually beneficial collaborations and strategic partnerships, we are dedicated to:

a) Improving sensitization level throughout the Caribbean and increasing inclusion of children with ASD within the schools

b) Increasing early childhood assessment and timely interventions

c) Ensuring access to credible data and services during the primary and secondary educational years for students and their immediate families

Our Vision

CASE is committed to promoting awareness, sensitivity and education to the Caribbean community through educational training and resources by alliance and philanthropy.

To realize this calling, CASE will relentlessly pursue all appropriate means and suitable strategies that help make considerable progress, in favour of the following outcomes in the next decade.

a) An improved understanding of the nature of ASD throughout the Caribbean

b) Children with ASD being evaluated in the pre-school years

c) Ensuring access for all screened children to remedial intervention, resources, and services immediately after the diagnosis is confirmed

d) Providing evidence-based education to instructional staff of children with autism

e) Promoting Early Intervention of children diagnosed with autism through therapies and intensive educational strategies

f) Equipping children with ASD and their immediate families with proper resources throughout their primary and secondary education