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Autism Coach


As the autism world is utterly complex and diverse, there are autism coaches in numerous specialties. You may find that your son or daughter on the ASD spectrum though capable of managing specific aspects of life, requires support in some others.

Classification of Autism Coaches:

Autism Coaches in Elementary Schools

Many school districts provide educational personnel specialized in the area of autism within the elementary schools to coach and mentor Exceptional Student Educators, General Education Teachers and Exceptional Student Paraprofessionals on the unique needs of students with autism spectrum disorder.  Autism Coaches within the school setting provide support in a variety of educational areas such as follows:

a) Routinely participate in classrooms to direct and assist staff.  This includes planning, room organization, schedules (students and staff), work systems, and work tasks that follows Division TEACCH model for structured teaching.

b) Ensure that all classrooms are following the ASD special program standards.

c) Demonstrate the systems used for home notes, report cards, student portfolios, educational materials, and data collection system.

d) Demonstrate techniques that are effective in promoting positive behaviours.

e) Ensure that each teacher has the appropriate materials and supplies for the diverse learning styles within the classroom.

f) Coordinate school and community-based activities for students and families including parent education meetings.

g) Follow best practice activities for all students with ASD matriculating to middle school or from Pre-K.

h) Collaborate and assist the support facilitator on best practices for inclusive education.

i) Provide opportunities for students with autism in a self-contained classroom to participate in peer programs with students in the general education classrooms.


Autism Coaches for Teenagers and Adults

Professionals who are well-acquainted with the onboarding procedure for transiting children with ASD to adult services; offering advocacy, resources, and direction.

They are specialists capable of delivering a plethora of services that range from social skills development to emotional care, to establishing and sustaining independence, to vocational coaching.

These experts offer resources, direction, and emotional support, financial guidance, parents’ orientation, aid in handling complicated agency requirements, and many more.


At CASE, we are committed to providing children with Autism Spectrum Disorder or ASD significantly improved living standards by sharing our research-derived knowledge, self-help aids, and collective resources.

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