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Peer Buddies

Peer Buddies Support for Students with Autism

Peer Buddies have been helping students with autism to succeed in school and community activities, regardless of grades and areas of need. Here are some suggestions to introduce Peer Buddy programs in your school to offer interactive support to students with autism.

At the beginning of each school year, special and general education coaches/teachers should consider the educational needs of students with autism spectrum disorder and areas of social/emotional and independent functioning that may require support from neuro-typical peers.

One of the noticeable strategies is to seek the help of Peer Buddies by performing activities with students with ASD during the school day. The following are some crucial reasons to use peer support in schools attended by students with autism.

a) Ensure cooperative playing and shared learning arrangements in early childhood and elementary classrooms

b) Assigning Peer Buddies to help students with autism spectrum disorder become adjusted to their new settings after providing training in working with peers with ASD

c) Peer Buddies help peers with ASD to engage in after school and extracurricular activities

d) Peer Buddies may be assigned “breakfast” or “lunch buddies” to socially interact with their peers with ASD during cafeteria time

Peer buddies have been helping students with autism to perform a variety of school and community activities. With the ever-increasing and various needs of students with ASD, peer support programs are a recommended strategy to ensure all students on the spectrum can gain maximum advantages within the school day.

CASE helps learners with ASD with development, behavioral training, homework, extracurricular activities, and organizational support outreach to perform excellently in schools and community activities. Our team is also working closely with educators and parents to support special children performing a wide range of activities and after-school programs with great success. In addition to educational support, training on Peer Support Programs are also available on our platform.


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